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Przystań Jasień in Gdańsk is a modern investment for the entire family. The investment combines excellent transportation with the proximity of green areas. Its design features a cozy building, coupled with high quality of materials used. An exceptional location, development of the estate premises and the apartments that will meet the expectations of people of all ages are just but a handful of its strong suits. The investment is a response to the needs of those who value city living while surrounded by nature.










Everything within your reach.

A friendly neighborhood and excellently developed infrastructure will satisfy all your everyday needs. Przystań Jasień is for the most demanding clients, who value peace and quiet, but don’t want to give up on the proximity of a bustling city life. The neighborhood provides numerous commercial and service venues that allow you to run errands within a dozen minute or so walk. There are nurseries, preschools and a school in vicinity.


A space perfect for your needs

Przystań Jasień consist of seven cozy buildings with a simple form, composed of four overground and one underground story each. There are 154 modern apartments, ranging from two to four rooms and floor areas from 34 up to 92 square meters. Customers have the opportunity to adjust the layout and arrange the space as they see fit. Residents will also have 70 storage units and 197 parking spaces in the underground garages and outdoors at their disposal. Bicycle afficionados will have many bicycle racks planned throughout the estate, with space for your bike planned in every building.


Q2 2021


Q2 2023


Q3 2023


Modernity and nature combined

Well-considered and modern architecture of the investment will create a comfortable space for the inhabitants, overlooking a picturesque lake. Przystań Jasień will stand out among other real estate investments in Gdańsk. The design combines the comforts and convenience of city living with the calm and beauty of nature.


Harmony and aesthetics

Facades combining white and anthracite with accessories of a natural wood color will ensure the buildings blend in with the picturesque waterfront. Plenty of glazed surfaces will underscore the aesthetic of the interiors and will provide the optimal amount of sunlight for the apartments.

A playground has been planned for the youngest inhabitants to provide hours of fun outside. A discreet security camera network shall watch over the safety of the residents.

The Project Department
of ATAL S.A.

The Project Department of ATAL S.A. comprises experienced architects, graduates from the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Cracow University of Technology and Academy of Silesia in Katowice, Lodz University of Technology and Poznań University of Technology, including those who gathered experience in foreign architectural studios. Its mission is to develop multi-family residential projects which will not only be functional and practical, but will also enchant with their innovative form and architectural design.

When designing new estates, our architects not only take care of utility and aesthetic aspects, but also look for innovative solutions catering for contemporary needs of residents. In this way, they contribute to creating harmonious, balanced space identified with the notion of a modern habitat.


Make friends with nature

Przystań Jasień is the perfect choice for those who enjoy green areas. Windows here offer a beautiful view at the Jasień lake. The area offers many leisure and recreation spots, such as: Tricity Landscape Park with the “Strzyża Valley” nature reserve, Wróbla Pond and a number of smaller ponds and retention tanks. It’s the perfect place for family trips, resting among nature or outdoor sports.


Get to your destination fast and safely

Excellent transportation makes shopping trips, commuting to work or school even more convenient. It is made possible by the nearby Tricity Ring Road and the main traffic arteries of Gdańsk – Armii Krajowej street and Pawła Adamowicza avenue. Residents can also use the well-developed public transportation system. There are both day and night bus stops nearby, so getting to many important places in the Tricity is easy. This location is also close to the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway line.


Extensive infrastructure

The vicinity of Przystań Jasień will also provide well-developed commercial service infrastructure. There are grocery stores, sport stores, construction stores and diners within a three kilometer radius, as well as nurseries and schools. It is also noteworthy that there are medical centers and dentist’s offices a short distance away. Residents can also use the services of nearby car repair garages and other service establishments located close by. A friendly neighborhood will provide anything you need in your everyday life.

By choosing Przystań Jasień, you will feel like you moved to the peaceful countryside, while not giving up the thrills and opportunities that can only be found in a big city.

Gdańsk, ul. Życzliwa

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